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The Cognitive Design Model

Cognitive design is the art of building structures for learning and performance improvement that are based on the principles of cognitive science.

Performance Improvement Environments

The Cognitive Design Process begins with the analysis of performance and learning needs in three Performance Improvement Environments: Knowledge Management, E-Learning and Performance Support.

These environments provide three powerful learning intervention strategies: Inform, Instruct and Guide the learner.

Four Key Design Elements

There are four primary design elements which must be integrated in order to build an effective intervention strategy in each of these environments.

E-Learning structures (products and activities) are composed of these four elements.

Principles of Cognitive Learning

Principles of Cognitive Learning provide a scientific rationale for solving learning and performance improvement problems.

The Cognitive Design Process anchors its strategies in these principles.

The Cognitive Design Process is a tool for planning and evaluation of E-Learning: design, development and delivery. It provides a principle-based methodology that supports the procedural-workflow model of Instructional System Development (ISD). ADDIE is a well-known acronym for project management of the ISD process.
It stands for: "Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate."

An Integrated Solution

Cognitive Design Solutions provides consultation in the development of integrated performance improvement environments: Knowledge Management, E-Learning and Performance Support.

The three environments each provide distinctive learning support:
Inform, Instruct and Guide. When designed correctly, these environments and learning processes reinforce each other to provide a powerfully integrated solution to optimize performance and productivity.

The result is to enhance individual, team and enterprise dimensions of performance improvement: Collaborate, Develop and Empower.

Cognitive Design Solutions is an integrated model that provides a concrete definition of the structures and processes needed to create a "learning organization."

Cognitive Design Model

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